Now and Then

For this temporary installation at the Chicago Artists Coalition, I used spray paint to trace the unique movements of light and shadow that were cast upon the gallery walls on a prior evening in July–a time when the sun was close to its full summer height. For the duration of the piece’s September existence, this “memory” event interacted with the new light patterns cast at the autumn equinox, highlighting a state of in-betweenness and transience. The subtlety of color allowed for a sense of discovery, as viewers did not necessary immediately see the piece upon first glance at the wall.

"The eye…is trained to the schism between perception and reality, between expectation and outcome, hinting at the simultaneous loss and possibility entangled with this laden encounter.” - Jeannette Tremblay

Topography of Knowing, curated by Jeannette Tremblay, Chicago Artists Coalition, 2014